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Our Team

The investigators at Joyce and Daniels include retired Portland Police Detectives with over 60 years of combined extensive experience in the art and science of investigation.


As State of Maine licensed private investigators, they are your best choice when you need investigative services.


Go with experience and proven investigative expertise.  Go with Joyce and Daniels.





Your best choice when you need a highly experienced and successful investigative team to:


- manage and investigate all types of major and  

  complex civil and criminal incidents

- reconstruct events to provide reliable information on  

  how an event unfolded, identify the persons involved 

  and the actions of those involved

- interview individuals to obtain information and assess


- apply forensic science to investigations-use science

  and scientific techniques to uncover reliable


- evaluate physical evidence for testing in a forensic

  laboratory, make testing recommendations and

  consult with laboratory personnel

- investigative assessments (vulnerabilities of "the

  other side")

- prepare in-depth investigative and technical reports

- present investigative information in court and other 

  fact finding forums


  Some quotes from attorneys who have hired Joyce and Daniels.


  "Nice work and thank you."

  "Thanks for the great job."

  "You guys are amazing, more work to follow."

  "I am extremely happy with the work you've done on my cases,

    looking forward to working with you in the future."

  "This is perfect, thanks so much."

  "Nice job by you and Tom."

  "Thanks, very good work here."

  "I am extremely happy with the work you've done."

  "Awesome, you guys do great work!"



Contact Us


Thomas P. Joyce Jr.
Maine License:  1370851
T.P. Joyce Investigations, L.L.C.
James Daniels
Maine License:  0946276
J. M. Daniels Investigations, L.L.C.
George Connick
Maine License:  0740068
John Fanning
Maine License:  1371028
J M Fanning Investigations, L.L.C.
Scott Dunham
Maine License:  9916396
Our Pledge


We are committed to providing expeditious, discreet, high quality, cost effective investigative services to every one of our clients.










News & Items of Interest


Crime scene reconstruction in real life is far different from what a viewer observes on television in a variety of police shows.  In order to obtain reliable information from a crime scene examination a properly trained crime scene technician moves through a 12-stage process.  Each step in the process requires the technician to perform specific tasks.  The steps are adjusted to the complexity of the crime scene.  The 12 steps are as follows: 

  • Approach to the scene

  • Secure and protect the scene

  • Preliminary survey

  • Photography

  • Diagramming

  • Conduct detailed search

  • Documentation and collection of physical evidence

  • Scene processing – analysis

  • Final survey

  • Release of scene

  • In house laboratory analysis

  • Transmittal of evidence to outside laboratory


For further information contact Joyce and Daniels Investigations.




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