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Our Partnership

Jim and Tom first started working together in 1983.  Both were working for the Portland Police Department.  Jim was a detective obtaining information from people he interviewed and others he interrogated.  Tom was an evidence technician obtaining information from crime scenes through the application of science and the process of crime scene reconstruction. Later, Jim and Tom worked together in the detective bureau when Tom became a Detective Sergeant.


Over the years, Jim and Tom investigated many crimes to include high profile incidents in the City of Portland.  Tom and Jim received many commendations over the years for their investigative work.  Eventually they both retired and came to realize that there was a need for private investigators that had their level of experience and expertise and they missed investigative work.  Jim and Tom both obtained their private investigator license, their own LLC and are back together again doing what they do best.   


George Connick is a retired Portland Police Detective Sergeant. George has extensive investigative experience as a Detective Sergeant with the Portland Police Department and as a supervisor for the Maine Drug Enforcement Agency. 

John Fanning worked as a sergeant on the Portland Police Department before transitioning to the private sector, first for a Fortune 500 company in Massachusetts, where he rose to Asst. Vice President, and later as a middle manager in a financial services company in New York, where he eventually became the Managing Director.  Employment in the private sector allowed John to gain significant experience in the areas of insurance, employment and labor issues and alternative dispute resolution, among others. 


Together this team has over 60 years of combined investigative experience that you can benefit from as one of our clients.








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