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We provide the reliable information you need to make important decisions.
Criminal and  Civil Investigations


Tom, Jim and George developed their expertise in the art and science of investigation as members of Maine's largest municipal police department and busiest detective bureau. 

John brings police investigative experience and private sector, corporate experience to the team.


Second to none, they are your best choice when you need information to answer those important questions of who, what, where, when, how and why?


They are skilled at conveying their work in court and other fact finding forums so that juries, judges and others develop a full understanding of their investigative work and the evidence.

Forensic Consultation


Often overlooked in an investigation is the value of science in unlocking information from physical evidence.


The team at Joyce and Daniels will evaluate  physical evidence, make testing and analysis recommendations and arrange for expert and laboratory analysis.


The team at Joyce and Daniels have extensive experience examining crime scenes and unlocking information through the process of crime scene reconstruction.





Employer Investigations


The team at Joyce and Daniels conducts all types of internal investigations for private businesses and governmental agencies.




Comprehensive background inquires




Sexual Harassment

Police Internal Affairs

Police Officer liability defense


Training:  We provide seminars in preparing for and reacting to incidents of workplace violence.

Workers Compensation

We conduct comprehensive investigations to identify worker fraud and to provide insurance companies and employers with the evidence they need to terminate the illegally obtained



Surveillance coupled with information obtained through interviews and physical evidence provides insurance companies and employers with the information to counter a fraudulent claim.



We conduct surveillance in connection with all types of investigations depending on the need and circumstances of the investigation.







Locate People

We find people.


-missing persons

-witnesses (subpoenas)

-next of kin
















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